Banks issuing Letter of Credit

Top-tier United States Banks for Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC):

Bank Leumi (SWIFT: LUMIUS3N).
Hanmi Bank (SWIFT: HANMUS6L).
US Credit Corp (SWIFT: USCCUS33).
Santander Bank (SWIFT: SVRNUS3). Goods must enter the United States.
Bank Hapoalim (SWIFT: POALUS33). Goods must enter the United States.
Habib Bank (SWIFT: HANYUS33). Goods must enter the United States.
East West Bank (SWIFT: EWBKUS66). Goods must enter the United States.

We offer a number of issuing institutions (DLC/GB/SBLC):

Bank Winter (SWIFT: WISMATWW). Austria.
Standard Commerce Bank (SWIFT: STDMDMDM). Commonwealth of Dominica.
General Equity (SWIFT: GEBSNZ2A). New Zealand.
Suisse Credit Capital (SWIFT: SBLTGB2L). United Kingdom.
Unión Credit Guarantee (SWIFT: UCGAESBBXXX). Spain.
FINcredit. Italy.
Suisse Bancorp. Hong Kong.
Suisse Credit Capital. United Kingdom.
Point Bank. United Kingdom.
Soleil Chartered Bank (SWIFT: SCGRUS33). United States.
Suisse Credit Bancorp. United Kingdom.
Credit Boston International. United States.
Swiss Financial Trust. Switzerland.
Swiss Trading and Fiduciary Trust. Switzerland.
Panamian Trust and Savings Guarantee. Panama.

We also have Banks in Hong Kong and Singapore for Letter of Credit:

Standard Chartered Bank Ltd (únicamente DLC’s). Singapore.
Indian Overseas Bank. Singapore and Hong Kong.
UOB. Singapore.
DBS. Singapore.
HSBC (only DLC’s). Hong Kong.
DBS Bank Ltd. (only DLC’s). Hong Kong.
China Construction Bank (Asia) Corp. Ltd. (únicamente DLC’s). Hong Kong.
China Citic Bank International Ltd. (only DLC’s). Hong Kong.
Bank of Baroda (only DLC’s). Hong Kong.
Bank of India (DLC’s). Hong Kong.
HBZ Finance (only DLC’s). Hong Kong.
Dah Sing Bank (only DLC’s). Hong Kong.